NCN 76 Dunbar to Broxburn Upgrade

The upgrade of a section of the NCN 76 between Broxburn and Dunbar has not gone un-noticed. East Lothian Council are currently working on constructing this new segregated section which will link with the existing segregated route from Broxburn to the White Sands junction.

The project is funded by Sustrans as part of their National Cycle Network upgrades, with the construction commencing in early March this year. This was subsequently delayed due to the Covid-19 restrictions and has restarted recently and it is hoped works will be finished before the autumn.

In a review of their network, which Sustrans published earlier this year, they identified this section for full segregation. It was regarded as a relatively straightforward project given the road widths and minimal junctions to overcome and design. East Lothian Council Transportation officers undertook the surveying and the detailed designs for this project and are now delivering the construction phase, which is being funded by Sustrans.

Sustrans’ aspiration is to improve the safety of the cyclists and upgrade the overall National Cycle Network where possible, segregate and making it fit for purpose for 2020 to encourage new cyclists of all ages, which has received some press coverage in the last month.

Safe Cycling and Walking Routes

Ensuring people have access to safe cycling and walking routes is a key priority for the Council. East Lothian Council  will continue to implement measures aimed at delivering these goals such as ongoing reviews of pedestrian crossing locations to ensure that desire lines are being catered for, provision of additional pedestrian crossings and options to potentially lower speed limits on lightly used rural roads to encourage their greater use by cyclists. East Lothian council will also explore opportunities to reallocate road space to pedestrians and cyclists where this can be achieved without significant adverse impacts on the efficiency and performance of the road network. East Lothian Council will also provide and maintain key off-road routes including parts of the Core Paths network and National Cycle Network.